"There are not enough Indians in the world to defeat the Seventh Cavalry." George Armstrong Custer
Saddle Parts and Accessories

Civil War Girth

Made with correct type 4 1/2" wool webbing.

Features black roller buckles and D-ring.

My standard length is approx. 26" from outside of D-ring to outside of roller buckle.

I can make it longer or shorter if you need a different length.


1859 Girth
CS Style Girth

4" Red Cotton Webbing
Russet or Black leather available


CS Style Girth

Made with 3 1/2" blue wool webbing.
Black leather standard.
Russet also available.


3 1/2" webbing available @$10 per foot

Standard Model Breast Strap

Features large stamped brass heart with tie down ring.
Buckle Options: Black roller buckles, brass or black horseshoe buckles available.
Black or russet available.
Add $20 for lined model
All of my breast straps are available with or without snap on the piece that connects to the girth.


Standard Model Breast Strap
Standard Breast Strap in Russet
Officers model with stitching
Officer Model Breast Strap

Features small eagle brass heart with brass buckles and fancy stitching.


Officers Breast Strap, Yellow Inlay

Yellow leather body with black bound leather edges

Small Eagle Heart


Officer's Breast Strap, Yellow Inlay
Individual Saddle Parts

Available in black or russet leather.

Sold in pairs.

Stirrup Straps
Black or brass buckles. Sold in pairs.

Hooded Stirrups
Includes toe strap. Sold by the pair.
U.S. Embossing Available
3" - $95.00
4" - $105.00

Wooden Frames only. Sold by the pair.
3" - $55.00
4" - $65.00

Complete quarter strap assembly
Includes front, rear, off side, near side straps.
Sewn onto spaded D rings. Includes saddlebag stud and rivets.

Off Side Girth strap only

Near Side Girth strap only

Skirts, (state seat size)
$150.00 pair

1859 McClellan

Coat Straps

Correct buckles sewn on.
Black or brass bar buckles, horseshoe, or roller buckles available.
Black or Russet leather

Set of Six $65.00

Individual $11.00

1859 Saddlebags

Standard US issue. These are made with welting just like the originals. Two pockets per bag. Civil War bar frame buckles.
Black Standard. Russet available
Please note I only cut the footman loop slots if they are going on one of my saddles. Other saddles may be different. If you want me to cut the slots, you need to send me a template.



"Leavenworth Arsenal" marked 1859 Saddlebags

Officer's Model Saddlebags

Civil War type saddlebags.
Features yellow leather binding on flaps, yellow welting, and brass buckles.


Y Strap Saddlebags in Black
Y-Strap Saddlebags

Popular style of the 1860's.
Available in black or russet. Russet shades will vary.
These are designed to fit a McClellan saddle.
I can also make them for Hopes or A-Forks, please specify!


Y Strap Saddlebags in Russet

Carbine Thimble

Heavy leather molded into hourglass shape with correct Civil War bar buckle attached to strap.

Carbine Boot

Indian War, early model without the brass throat.
Made to fit 45/70 Springfield Carbine.


Carbine Thimble
Carbine Boot
Indian Wars Canteen

Indian Wars Period Canteen

Stainless Steel. Complete with cork, brass ring and chain.
Mounted strap with snap included.
These have a rectangular strap hanger whereas the originals had a triangular hanger.
Tan canvas with "US" stencil


Mounted Canteen strap only

Includes ORIGINAL snap.
I have a limited number of unissued original snaps.