Horse Accouterments
Russet Headstall
Civil War Six Buckle Headstall
Civil War Six Buckle Headstall (shown at left)

Most popular style of headstall because of its wide range of adjustment. Includes rosettes.
Specify rosette style: US, USA, or Star.
Black or Russet leather.
Black japanned roller buckles also available.





Dragoon Model Headstall

Features brass horseshoe type buckles and star rosettes.


Indian War Model Headstall

Features brass bar frame bar buckles with bulls-eye rosettes.


Bridle Rosettes

Sold by the pair. Brass. Specify style.

$12.00 per pair


Enlisted Type Reins

Sewn in the center. Made to be sewn onto bit rings.
Black or Russet available


Officer Model Reins

Sewn in center with buckles sewn on to easily attach to bit rings. Black or Russet leather available. Black or Brass bar buckles, horseshoe, or roller buckles available.


1863 Reproduction Civil War Cavalry Bit
1863 Curb Bit

1863 Curb Bit (shown at left)

These have been discontinued. I have the blued bits with low port mouthpiece only.

$89 includes curb chain

Troopers Bit
Troopers Bit
CS or Civilian style bit. Hand forged.
Mouthpieces will vary

Troopers Bit

Civil War Halter

US Regulation. Correct black japanned hardware.
Loops for watering bridle.
Black or russet leather available.
Brass hardware also available.


Civil War Halter
Leather Lead Strap

Correct Civil War buckle.
Other buckle types available.
Black or russet leather


Link Strap

Used to link horses halter to halter.
Made with correct bar buckle and snap hook.



Complete with connecting straps and seed stuffed tail dock.
Black or Russet available


Civil War Period Nosebag

Heavy canvas with molded leather bottom and leather strap. This is a period reproduction. It does NOT have vent holes. An unattended horse that is allowed access to water can drown. A must for feeding on the picket line!
Black or russet leather available.



Picket Pin

Civil War period steel picket pin with ring.
Japanned Black

*Not available at this time*

Picket Pin
Ration Bag

Ration Bag

Designed to carry two days grain rations.
Canvas construction with tie strings.


** NEW**

Oat Bag

There's no need to hide those modern feed sacks anymore!

10 oz cotton duck canvas. Approx. 16" x 30". Includes leather tie string

Plain, no stenciling $12.00

"Oats" stenciling    $17.00

Oat Bag Cotton Duck
Oat Bag

Civil War and Indian Wars Cavalry Spurs

Made of polished brass.
Enlistedman's type
Sold by the pair.
Straps sold seperately


Spur Straps

Made to fit the above spurs.
Brass or Black roller buckles available
Black leather standard. Russet available.

$27.00 / pair

CW / IW Cavalry Spurs

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