Hope Saddle


Hope Saddles and A-Fork Saddles 1840's-1880's
On this page you will see several different styles of Hope saddles and A-fork saddles. These will span from the 1840's - 1880's. The possibilities are endless. I am showing some of the more popular styles. I use domestic "Hermann Oak" or "Wickett and Craig" skirting leather and put in leather ground seats with metal seat strainers. These are built right, and built to last! Let me know what you have in mind!

Small skirt Hopes  $1500 and up
Square skirt, fleece lined Hopes $2,500 and up

A-Forks $3200 and up

Half seat, a-fork saddle
1870's A-Fork Saddle
1870's A-Fork
1870's Saddle
Hope Saddle
Hope Saddle
1870's A-Fork Saddle
Appaloosa Viggo Mortensen Ed Harris
A-Fork Saddle
Hope saddle
Hope Style Saddle
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Brian Allison, Ty Maxson, and David Carrico on a History Channel shoot
Doghouse Stirrups
Doghouse Style Stirrups

After much searching, I am having these stirrups custom made to my specifications.
4" wide, all the way around. Available in unfinished, natural varnish, medium brown stain, or dark brown stain
Made for 3" stirrup leathers.

$60 / pair

$85 / pair with tread covers

Doghouse Stirrups
Doghouse Stirrups with medium brown (L) and dark brown (R) stain
Canvas Rear Cinch

Four inch wide
White or tan canvas
White with blue stripe
With or without tongue on rings


Canvas Rear Cinch
Fish Slicker / Pommel Slicker

Fish Slicker, Pommel Slicker

Excellent reproduction of the
"Tower Brand" pommel slickers of the 1870's - 80's. Cotton muslin with acrylic latex waterproof coating. Red wool collar with storm closure, two rows of buttons. A must for cowboys and drovers!
Camel and Black color.
Medium,Large, XL, and XXL available


Saddle Scabbard

Made to fit 1866 and 1873 Winchester's
Please specify rifle or carbine.
Please specify how you want it to be carried on the saddle.
Off side or near side?
Rifle butt to the rear, or to the front?
Brass cart buckles or black roller buckles available.
Plain $250
Borderstamped $275
Spots add $25

Saddle Scabbard
History Channel "The Real McCoy"