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A-Fork Saddles
I had two of these saddles built for a movie. I didn't build them. I supplied the trees, leather, and patterns to another reputable saddlemaker. They have never been on a horse. They just have some stains from being hauled around in a trailer. The saddlebags are made by me and are used. New price on each rig would be nearly $4,000. 
I will sell these for $2750 each plus shipping.

F.A. Meanea Style Headstall
Single ear headstall made from original F.A. Meanea pattern. Marked with F.A. Meanea Co. stamp. 
Brass or nickle hardware.

F.A. Meanea Headstalls
1859 Saddlebags
These are my standard 1859 Saddlebags made with hand finished buckles from my own personal molds.

1859 Civil War Saddlebags
1859 Saddlebags
Dragoon Holsters
I have two right handed Dragoon holsters. These will fit 1st, 2nd, 3rd Model Dragoons. With toe plugs. Will fit up to a 2 1/2" belt.
$85 each

Indian Wars Modified Cap Pouch
Standard Civil War cap pouch that was modifeid and re-issued for Post-War Use. Made to hold 45 Long Colt cartridges. Fits on saber belts or Fair Weather Christian belts. Made in the USA.

Indian Wars modified Cap Pouch
Indian Wars Cap Pouch
Holster and Cartridge Belt
Double loop holster made to fit 5 1/2" SAA, hand stamped border, sewn toe plug.  Lined cartridge belt with hand stamped border, 36 loops for 44/45 caliber, center hole is a 44.

Scout Belts
45 cal. With spots and conchos
Usually center hole size needs to be four inches larger than your pants waist size.
38 Center Hole
42 Center Hole
44 Center Hole
Concho Belt SOLD

Cartridge Belts
45/70 one piece 42 Center Hole
Embossed, Lined, 45 cal, 40 CH
Plain, lined, 45 cal, 40 CH
Embossed, double billet, no loops, 38 CH

Money Belts
45 Cal
Plain, 2 1/2" wide, 42 Center Hole
Embossed, 3" wide, 42 Center Hole

Canvas Belt with Leather Loops
Usually order center hole 4" larger than your pants waist size
45 cal leather loops
Size 40, 42 antique brass buckles
Size 44 Nickle buckle
Sale price for in stock belts only!

Prairie Belt Tan Canvas Russet Leather
Canvas Prairie Belts
Tan canvas with russet leather billets
Brass buckles
Sale price on "in stock" belts only
Sizes are center hole size. Usually order 4" larger than your pants waist size
12 Gauge
$75.00 each

Floral Saddlebags
Bags are approx. 8" tall x 7" wide
Gusset is 3" wide

Prairie Belts

I have several prairie belts in stock! These are all tan canvas.

Russet Leather Billets 45/70 (center hole size)
1 - 38         3 - 40
3 - 42         2 - 44

Russet leather  12 ga       
 1 - 44

Russet leather 30/30

1 - 44

Black Leather Billets
1 - 38        2 - 40
1 - 42

$75.00 each

Spur Straps
Left Hand Side
Dove Wing Style Marked "F.A. Meanea Co."
Right Hand Side
Dove Wing Style $45/pr
Floral Carved $80/pr

Spotted Saddlepockets $130
Spotted and Borderstamped Saddlepockets $140
Indian Wars Modified Cap Pouch

Modified CW Cap pouch to carry 45 Long Colt Cartridges. After the War, the Government had thousands of surplus cap pouches. With the new metallic cartridge pistols being used, this was a way of using up some of the surplus. Will hold approx. 10 rounds "US" embossed on the flap. Sub Inspector Stamped also. No inner wool or nipple pick. Not made in my shop, but made in the USA.
In Stock!

Indian Wars Modified Cap Pouch
Cavalry Saddleblanket by Woolrich
Dark Blue with dark orange stripes. These are made in the USA by Woolrich who has been in business since 1830. They made the originals! 85% wool. 66" x 80". These have the stripes on all four sides, not just two like the imported junk.

Cavalry Saddleblanket
Troopers Bits
Troopers Bit
CS or Civilian style bit. Hand forged.
Mouthpieces will vary

Troopers Bit
Indian Wars Canteen

Stainless steel canteen with canvas cover and mounted strap.
Mounted strap features original snap.
The only non-authentic feature of this canteen is the strap hangers are
rectangular instead of triangular.

Indian Wars Canteen