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McClellan Saddle Hardware and Other Period Hardware
Please note : There is a $25 minimum order on "hardware only" orders!
**New Item**
Top: Stirrup Strap Middle: Halter, 3/4", 5/"8 Bottom: 3/4" Roller
Stirrup Strap Buckle
 Black Iron $5.00 ea
 (Brass not vailable)
Halter Buckle, Black Iron $4.00 ea
3/4" or 5/8" Black Iron $3.00 ea
Original North and Judd 3/4" Black Roller Buckle $1.00 ea

McClellan Saddle Hardware
Saddlebag Stud Brass or Black Iron $3.00 ea
Footman Loops Brass or Black Iron
High or Low $3.00 ea
Brass Ring Stand $2.00 ea
Brass Ring $2.50 ea

Pommel Shield
11 1/2" or 12" seat
Allegheny Arsenal 1861
$3.00 ea includes pins
Slot Plate
$3.00 ea includes pins

Set of 4 staples
and 4 black iron rings